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Database.Net 35.6.8701 Portable

 Author: fredoport | 18 November 2023 | Views: 9206
Database.Net 35.6.8701 Portable

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, making local and remote database administration easier. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Export data, Generate scripts and run SQL queries. A standalone tool that does not require installation. Create, Shrink, Protect Database. Export to CSV/XML/TXT/XLS/SQL. Syntax Highlighting. Table Editor.

* Data Editor
* AutoComplete
* Generate scripts
* Service Manager
* Code Manager
* Multiple Query Tabs
* Print Query Results
* MultiLingual
* ... and much more.

* MS Access 97-2003 (*.mdb;*.*)
* MS Access 2007-2010 (*.accdb)
* MS Excel 97-2003 (*.xls)
* MS Excel 2007-2010 (*.xlsx)
* SQL Server
* SQL Server CE 3.5, 4.0 (*.sdf)
* SQL Azure
* OData/Microsoft Dallas Services
* SQLite (*.db;*.db3;*.sqlite)
* Firebird Superserver/Embedded (*.gdb;*.fdb)
* PostgreSQL
* Oracle
* dBase IV
* Data Sources (OLE DB)
* ODBC DSN(Data Source Name)

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Browsing and Editing data:
Browsing Table Data
Editing Table Data
Form Editor and Viewer, Cell Editor(*), Cell Viewer, DateTime Picker, XML Editor and Viewer, PrimaryKey Selector, GUID Generator
Data Visualization
Auto Filter, Manual Filter
Find In Grid, Replace In Grid
Data Import(*)(Clipboard/CSV/TSV/PSV/SSV/TXT/XML), Importing specific fields
Data Export(*)(CSV/TSV/PSV/SSV/SQL/XLSX/XLS/XML/JSON/HTM/MD), Exporting specific fields, Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard, Export the xls/xlsx file to open in Excel
Print SQL statements and query results
(De)Compression and (De)Encoding strings
Calculate Selected Cells

SQL Editor:
Dynamic Syntax Highlighting: Automatically switch the syntax highlighting dependant on exclusive database system.
AutoComplete and IntelliSense(*): Speeds up and simplifies your typing experience
AutoComplete + Code Snippets
Cross-schema table access
Automatic brace completion: () [] {} "" '' `` /**/
Automatically list foreign key references
Query Builder(*), Selected Text to Query Builder
Transaction Mode
Execute an SQL script
Multiple Tabs and Browsing Mode (Paging/Horizontal/Vertical)
Displaying the results of batch SQL statements
Displaying informational messages, DBMS_OUTPUT, RefCursor
Plain Execution Plan: SQL Server/SQLAzure/ SQLCe/MySQL/SQLite/PostgreSQL/Oracle/DB2/SybaseASE/Teradata/HP Vertica/ NuoDB
(Exclusive Features) Access[!]/ Firebird/ Informix
Visual Execution Plan(*)(+): Oracle/ PostgreSQL/ MySQL/ HP Vertica/ SQL Server/SQLAzure/SQLCe
Drag and Drop support (Text, Tabs, Database)
Automatic Execution
Inspect Object
Cancel Execution
Additional Commands:
(Binding SQL variables) SELECT statements only
(Self-defined SQL variables) Fixed and Dynamic
(Executing multiple SQL statements) GO [count] or /
(Append file contents to the statement) :r
(Print a string to the Messages tab) :print 'msg_str'

Size (7z): 30 Mb

Download Database.Net 35.6.8701 Portable

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