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PROMT Freelance 9.0.416 Portable

 Author: fredoport | 30 July 2010 | Views: 4952
PROMT Freelance 9.0.416 Portable

PROMT Freelance 9.0 is a brand new product in the best-of-breed PROMT desktop product family. The new offering addresses the technology requirements of the freelance translator community. PROMT Freelance 9.0 is the ideal desktop solution for language industry professionals who are looking for ways to optimize the translation process using the most innovative Computer Assisted Translation (CAT), Dictionary Management and Machine Translation technologies. Full integration with Microsoft Office applications and Internet browsers. Control over the quality of translation. Dictionary databases included in PROMT Freelance 9.0 have been organized according to a new principle: now they are grouped into profiles, which makes it significantly simpler for the user to select the resources of the system to translate specialized texts.

PROMT Freelance 9.0 provides a complete suite of robust, state-of-the-art translation tools that meet the stringent requirements of language industry professionals:
• TMX Level 2 support - translation memory import/export with full support of formatting metadata
• TBX and OLIF termbase support - seamless data exchange between PROMT and other translation termbase tools
• XLIFF roundtrip support - import/export of XLIFF files from other Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) applications and translation in PROMT environment
• Powerful statistical terminology harvester - automated dictionary creation and translation based on clients’ texts
• PROMT 4TM functionality - export of PROMT translation memories in TMX format for reuse within another Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool workflow
• Management of user dictionaries – a broad set of tools allowing translators to create, prioritize and manage client or domain-specific user dictionaries
• PROMT QA Lab – a set of advanced linguistic tools measuring translation quality and translation process efficiency

PROMT Freelance 9.0 offers unique features to achieve the desired quality of translation. The profiles include dictionaries and Translation Memory databases. In addition, users can enable their own dictionaries and Translation Memory databases to PROMT Freelance 9.0 at any time. When working on a translation, users have all the necessary lexicon and terminology pertaining to the subject of the text at hand. This expands the possibility for choosing the needed lexical meanings and terms and greatly increases translation accuracy. The combined settings created by the user can be saved as new profiles, in addition to the profiles that come standard with the system.

• Integrating the Translator into Microsoft Office
PROMT Translator tool or tab is added to the applications of the Microsoft Office 2000–2007 suite. This allows you to translate documents directly in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

• Translating Web sites
You can translated foreign-language web pages directly in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The translator plugin can translate a selected portion of a Web page or a Web page in its entirety. The original formating will be preserved in the translation along with all the URLs and images on the page.

• Batch file translation
Use PROMT Batch Translator to translate several documents at once. The application will create a document queue, each with its own translation settings. This will save you a great deal of time, because:
—you don’t need to open each file to assign translation settings to it;
—documents are translated in the background;
—alongside the translation, a TMX (Level 1 and Level 2) TM database is created, which you can use later for working with similar documents.

• Translating messages in instant messengers
Instant messengers have become an important tool in business communications. PROMT Freelance 9.0 can be integrated into the four most popular instant message clients: ICQ, QIP, MSN Messenger, and Skype. The messages you send and receive can be translated by pressing a key combination directly in your chat window or in a separate window, depending on your preferences.

• Translating PDF files
PROMT Freelance 9.0 can be built into Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. The translation will be displayed in a separate window without retaining the original formatting of the document. In addition, you can translate PDF documents in PROMT Translator or PROMT Batch Translator. You can then save the translation to an RTF file.

Setting for increasing the accuracy of translation of terminology and highly specialized texts:
- Automated search for terminology in texts
- Statistics of using terminology in texts
- The automation of the search for terminology in texts will help you process large volumes of documentation.

Size (RAR): 384 Mb
5% recovery record

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