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BatchPhoto Pro 4.0 portable

 Author: antan | Published 22 July 2014 | Views: 3919
BatchPhoto Pro 4.0 portable

BatchPhoto is a powerful photo manipulation program that makes it easy to touch-up, annotate, transform, apply effects, and rename hundreds of photos in a single operation. Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, BatchPhoto lets you select a group of pictures, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single operation.
    » portable-soft / portable Graphics

Hippo Animator 3.8.5309 portable

 Author: antan | Published 22 July 2014 | Views: 4480
Hippo Animator 3.8.5309 portable

Hippo Animator is an animation tool that can create animated HTML movies for the web. Including Internet Explorer 6 to 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone, iPad and Android. No plugins, downloads or scripting knowledge is required. Movies are small, scalable, support alpha transparency and rotation. Simply create a movie using Hippo Animator and export it to HTML. Hippo Animator software is perfect for anybody who is interested in HTML animation, CSS animation, HTML5 animation, SVG animation, Silverlight animation, Flash animation, Java animation, javascript animation, VML animation, canvas animation, banner animation, GIF Animation, image to video, image to avi, web design, graphic design, dynamic HTML, DHTML or any other kind web animation.
    » portable-soft / portable Video


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