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Reversi Fight 1.0 portable

 Author: antan | Published 6 January 2012 | Views: 4241
Reversi Fight 1.0 portable

Remember how first newsettlers used to seize lands. Check if you could have survived then and play this free game. Your goal is to get the greatest part of the game board. You will play it turn with your computer and you should be quick and attentive. You will be able to overtake the computer's spheres only if its spheres are between yours. If not - no points will be added to your score. If the computer seizes your spheres you will loose them and some points as well. You may choose between three skill levels available and sharpen your skills.
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Portable Super Chuck Norris Bros

 Author: antan | Published 25 June 2010 | Views: 4758
Portable Super Chuck Norris Bros

Portable Super Chuck Norris Bros - This is is a story in two parts. The first is how insanely hilarious is that video above. Every time I think of Chuck Norris, I think of Joe Bob Briggs and his tour de force review of Delta Force 2, and that game above deserves its own Joe Bob-style rundown: No breasts. No blood. No mushrooms. One hundred and four dead bodies. Shotgun fu. Chainsaw fu. Flamethrower fu. Shotgunned Koopa. Smoldering Koopa. Flying Goomba. Flattened Goomba. Exploding Flag. Exploding Castle. Exploding coin box. Exploding bricks. Exploding start screen. Gratuitous defoliation. Gratuitous dialog boxes. Drive-In Academy Award nominations for visual effects for loss of entire raster lines due to overwhelming awesome violence. Four stars. Kotaku says check it out.
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Portable Hugo 5

 Author: antan | Published 23 February 2010 | Views: 4618
Portable Hugo 5

On a cold winter day in their hut in the Tricky Troll forest the Hugo family is interrupted while making troll cakes. The evil witch Scylla were up to no good again and all she wants is to make life miserable for Hugo. With her she had an evil enchanted mirror with the power to trap any living being as their own mirror image.
She attacked Hugo with the evil spell and Hugo was trapped inside the mirror. Scylla then shattered the mirror and spread the three pieces all over the Tricky Troll forest. She left while laughing her evil laughter.
Trollerit, Trollerat and Trollerut must find the three pieces of the mirror to save Hugo. The first piece ended up in the dangerous Beaver Fort and Trollerit has to go and find it.
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Portable KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

 Author: antan | Published 22 February 2010 | Views: 4585
Portable KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

The KISS Psycho Circus game is a first-person perspective shooter that aims to put the "A" back in action for the genre, and to challenge the concept of what an intense 3D shooter experience is. Based on the rich world created by Todd McFarlane in his best-selling KISS Psycho Circus comic books, the game is set in a demonic world of mystery and horror. The player must do battle with hordes of demonic critters, and should expect more enemies on-screen than has been seen in a long, long time. The demon-spawn are the creations of an unborn evil that by its very conception is corrupting the fabric of reality. The aim of the game then, is to avoid the birth of this Nightmare Child, thereby preventing the unraveling of our universe.
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