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Portable Softwarenetz Photo Calendar v2.01

 Author: antan | Published 17 March 2010 | Views: 3267
Portable Softwarenetz Photo Calendar v2.01

With Softwarenetz Photo Calendar for Windows it's easy to create and print in only a few minutes your private calendar.You can add a private picture (e.g. family- or holiday pictures) to every month and create a private calendar.Once created, you can also print the calendar for other years. Public holidays can be added automatically if you wish. Birthdays of family members and friends, or other important days can be added to the calendar.
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Portable MakeInstantPlayer 1.40

 Author: antan | Published 17 March 2010 | Views: 2731
Portable MakeInstantPlayer 1.40

MakeInstantPlayer is a tool for converting video files into self-running executables. This is very useful for distributing video clips, as the user doe NOT need any additional software for playback! As MakeInstantPlayer uses the MPlayer engine for playback, it supports almost any video format in existence. The user interface is based on MPUI, a very lightweight MPlayer front-end by Martin Fiedler. Furthermore MakeInstantPlayert uses Nullsoft?s Scriptable Install System to pack everything into a single EXE file. In order to start playback simply double-click on the Instant Player file and enjoy the show!
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